The Vision of NorthCross Church:

To be a place of genuine community built upon the love and redemption of Jesus with the goal of sharing that love with all those around us in Lake Norman and around the world.


As a result of God's love for us and His involvement in our individual stories, we value PEOPLE, the GOSPEL, DISCIPLESHIP, MERCY, WORSHIP, and MULTIPLICATION. Please know that your story matters to God, and we would love to walk beside you in that story.

One current step towards our goal of reaching our communities with the love of God is through our next Initiative

Read more about our Values below.

NorthCross Church Values . . .


We believe in the value and dignity of human life. Regardless of gender, ethnicity, or culture, all People have been created by God; created in his image and are to be loved and respected.


We believe the Gospel is the power of God to heal lives. It is only through Christ, through faith in his death and resurrection that we find true hope and forgiveness. The Gospel is about God’s grace – the unmerited love of God. A relationship with God has nothing to do with our achievements and success in this life.


We believe Discipleship should always equip people to serve and empower people to lead. Discipleship is about meaningful personal relationships, accountability, and learning together what it means to be a community that follows after Jesus.


We believe authentic Mercy is a lifestyle more than it a program of the church. Mercy is a disposition, a posture, a way of life. It’s about seeing the gospel as oppose to only hearing about it. We are committed to forming strategic alliances with other churches and civil agencies around us that bring reformation to the people and communities of Lake Norman.


We believe Worship to be an act of the community of faith. Here the community is deeply invested in giving expression to the praise of God that arises from a commitment to rest in and worship around the Cross of Jesus Christ.


We believe Multiplication is about fostering kindred communities through the communities of Lake Norman. NorthCross is committed to expanding the Kingdom of God through a movement of church planting.