NorthCross Youth Ministry seeks to assist the families of Northcross in bringing up their children as disciples of Jesus Christ.

We seek to make disciples of our children by creating a gospel community for the youth that gives them the opportunity to be Taught the Gospel through the Scriptures, Share their Lives, and be Involved in Missions and Mercy work.

Gospel Teaching

Central to our ministry is our aim to produce clear gospel teaching and conversations applicable to their place in life which help the youth see their need for Christ and teach them how to respond to Christ’s calling on their lives. Through the faithful teaching of Scripture, we hope that they understand the message of the Scriptures and thus, the truth of the gospel.  We also aim to teach the youth practical disciplines to help them in their walk with the Lord.

Shared Lives

We also want the youth to be able to share their lives with one another. We want them to grow in caring for, loving, and praying for one another. We also want them to be able to share their lives with older believers in the church; other adults within the church sharing their lives and their walk with Christ is an important part of the youth ministry. Their love and care for the youth by being involved in their lives is highly valued.  This also provides our youth the opportunity to see other adults’ lives modeled before them.


We desire to provide opportunities for the youth to be involved in missions and mercy work. Connected to Gospel Teaching, we hope to provide ways for the Gospel to lead them into serving others. Through these experiences we aim to give them a vision for continued service in their daily lives with family, friends, and classmates.


The aim of our youth ministry is to help assist our families as they raise their youth through their middle and high school years. We seek not to be an alternative to teen parenting but to come alongside and support our families. Therefore, we encourage the youth’s involvement with their families, their communities and the life of the church. We want to provide another place where the youth can grow in owning their faith and working through how to interact with this world through a biblical view.

We desire at some level to minister to the youth and their families so that the youth grow in gospel dependence, become a spiritually healthy member of Christ’s body, and are compelled by the gospel toward missional living. Thus we hope “Youth Group” is also a fun and engaging time where the youth want to invite friends to hear the Gospel message.

They have a weekly Sunday morning Bible study and plan regular events. Contact Sid Druen if you have questions!